Toyota Supra A90 MKV (2020+) FREE UPS AIR
Toyota Supra A90 MKV (2020+) FREE UPS AIR
Coilover Model :
Front Spring Rate :
Rear Spring Rate :

Just released the BC Racing BR Type coilovers for the 2020 Toyota Supra A90 MKV. These kits are not yet being stocked in the United States but shipping as fasts as they can be built directly from manufacturing to end consumers. Current lead time for delivery is 1.5 weeks or less from October 28th 2019 for default kit with FREE UPS air shipping while supplies last. Any kits ordered with spring rate adjustments or the extreme drop option will require a lead time of 3 weeks or less from October 28th 2019.

The default kit will allow for the stock 19″ wheels and tire combo to be slightly tucked into the fenders. Most customers will not need an extreme drop option.

This kit includes front camber plates, front end links, & rear pillow ball mounts to replace the stock suspension completely.


If for some reason you don’t see a coilover kit listed for your vehicle or do but don’t have the options or spring rates you wanted please email us. We strive to provide specialty items a customization others don’t.

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